Natural Bodybuilding Coach.

Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness.


My name is Ryan Sullivan and I am a natural bodybuilding coach currently providing services as an online personal trainer for clients nationwide. I am the creator of Sci-Unison Fitness and TEAM SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

My motivation is progress, success, and a sense of accomplishment. I am not good at idling or running in place. In order for me to be truly happy I have to be moving forward or working towards something. The feeling of success is something I chase and try to build upon. Life is short, and I realize that, so my true motivation comes from trying to accomplish as much as humanly possible while I am here. I want to be remembered, and I want to make a difference.



jess-shauna-epc-split1Jessica Janicek WNBF Pro and Shauna Koehler WNBF Bikini competitor are the official Sci-Unison Fitness Elite Posing Clinic (SUFEPC) coaches. These two will cover all the aspects required to project the best possible stage presence on the day of your show. Jessica Janicek will be head of figure competitor posing as well as fitbody. Shauna Koehler will be heading up the bikini posing department. Both will be offering one-on-ones, small group, as well as full clinics. SUFEPC will cater to the major natural bodybuilding organizations such as the WNBF, OCB, NGA, DFAC, and the NANBF. 

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